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Preprints: a tool and a vehicle towards greater reproducibility in the life sciences

Published onDec 30, 2020
Preprints: a tool and a vehicle towards greater reproducibility in the life sciences


We have seen a number of initiatives arise in recent years aiming to tackle concerns around the reproducibility of published findings. Researchers in the life sciences now have a number of tools at their disposal to boost the reproducibility of their science and preprints have emerged as an instrumental element within this toolkit. Preprints broaden the when, by whom and how of the review and feedback on research compared to the journal publication process, help address publication bias, and can play an important role as a vehicle towards open science practices. Preprints hold further untapped potential to close the gap between discovery and dissemination, and to accelerate the path to a more reproducible research ecosystem.

Keywords: preprints, reproducibility, open science, publication bias, peer review


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